As designers, I believe we have a responsibility to our society and we should welcome challenges and mainly confront the inner voices telling us to “just mind yourself.” As per the legendary Persian poet Rumi: “I came to you without ‘me,’ so come to me without ‘you’.” In this journey, my greatest passion is to view and visualize the depth of a phenomenon. Through the project, titled “Infodemic”, I aim to re-examine concepts such as misinformation and social media in relation to design and our contemporary digital culture. I try to answer questions such as: How does social media manipulate our thoughts? How can visual design make people more aware of crisis? I have designed a poster series combining traditional collage techniques and Augmented Reality (AR) technology with the intention to provoke the viewer to learn more about fake news manipulation. My Project centered around critical commentary on global incidents of misinformation about the COVID-19 pandemic, and to examine how different cultures produced and responded to fake news. I also considered how social media plays an integral role in spreading misinformation with drastic outcomes.

Printed Poster . Augmented Reality . 2021



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