Even if today we cannot provide comprehensive and accessible solutions to solve all the world’s problems, we can still recognize, analyze, criticize and reflect on what is happening in the world around us, to draw attention more profoundly to today’s human flaws.

In this project, I designed an online magazine with periodic editions, each edition explores a different topic, which would focus on debatable human problems, crises and beliefs. The red color was used as the main color and a grid was created to help the audience find the information more easily. To enhance the audience’s understanding of the issues that surround us, this website/app should focus on sharing articles, photos, videos, and book reviews. I began by researching and creating the app’s user flow. In the next phase, I developed the Wireframe by going through the details and developing it. The feedback I received in this step prompted me to make some changes to the interface to make it more user-friendly.




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