Poster Design

1. In the midst of the 2020-21 coronavirus pandemic, the world experienced widespread disruptions: travel decreased, jobless claims surged, and small businesses faced severe challenges. Interestingly, while many industries suffered, the world’s largest pornography website, Pornhub, reported a significant surge in its traffic.


2. Design holds the power to improve the world for humanity. What constitutes a better world can vary widely from person to person, whether it’s an ergonomic chair or an interface for groundbreaking technology. Following the passing of graphic design legend Milton Glaser, I created this poster in his memory. Milton once outlined 12 essential principles for designers to follow, emphasizing our responsibility to society and our craft. His message reminds us not to succumb to the temptation of self-interest. In the words of the renowned Persian poet Rumi, “I came to you without ‘me,’ so come to me without ‘you.'”


3. The economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic compelled many worldwide to remain in their homes for health reasons. However, for those whose jobs couldn’t be done remotely and lacked government support, unemployment became a harsh reality, leaving them with no choice but to stay home.


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