Creative Director



Campaign identity, design, illustration and web pages design for Samsung electronics blue days campaign. This project was created to design a specific and separate page for consumers to select and purchase. As well as an extensive advertising and sales campaign in which people enjoyed a variety of rewards by purchasing products online. Eventually, the campaign was named the Blue Days, which suggests that online shopping can play a major role in reducing traffic as well as air pollution. Finally, various visuals, each of which was a key feature of online shopping, namely convenience, quick and easy selection and at any time, convenient and reliable transportation, and reduce air pollution, and ultimately increase and improve human health. The campaign was placed online all over Iran and the sales sites as well as the main site of the company so that the audience could buy their desired products online. Achieve self-awareness and increase product awareness and sales.

Art Director: Ida Moraghebati       Graphic Designer: Ida Moraghebati & Malika Naghashan     Motion Graphic: Shahab Najafi


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