Design As It Should Be…

Yellow is everywhere yellow and blue is always Blue.

While cultures may differ, the image of a tree, adorned with green leaves and casting its shadow, is a common thread that unites us all. Let’s embark on a dialogue about these images and forms, harnessing the formidable language of design to transcend cultural boundaries.


Even with our cultural disparities, we can communicate through this globally enchanting language. The PDP design competition stands as a prominent design exhibition in Europe, and I had the privilege of crafting a poster for this esteemed event. Fortunately, my poster emerged among the top 25 out of 700 entries from around the world, gracing the exhibition’s walls.


My design artfully combined Persian and English typography, incorporating the translation of the phrase “Design as it should be” to convey the exhibition’s concept and theme. By employing the primary colors, I sought to convey the duality of design—its simplicity and complexity intertwined harmoniously.


| 2015 |